Grand Rapids Internet Marketing

Our Process

Internet marketing has matured, and those who can accurately recognize opportunities will prevail—while those who can’t will fall by the wayside. It might not sound too thrilling to some, but our data-driven methodology uses a combination of mathematics, technology, analytics, and creativity to find the right message for the right audience, at the right time, ensuring your success.

Our process begins with a relationship with our partner companies. We work to understand your business. In a field where fly-by-night, empty promises and underwhelming performance is the disturbing standard, we work hard to build relationships and provide outstanding results to our partners.

In order to create a win-win situation, we and our partner companies need to be interdependent. This requires the due diligence on our end to:

  •  Determine how the product or service can be accurately quantifiable. In other words, how can the results be clearly measured and where are the opportunities for success? What are your goals?
  • Work with our partners to create a vision of long term success. This means developing a compensation plan based on performance that works for everybody and building in the fortitude to change with a dynamic market.
  • Analyze the infrastructure and intake system of our partner company to ensure it has flexible capabilities.  We support you in developing sales and structure strategies you need to take advantage of the qualified leads we will generate for you.
  • Find opportunities that are a perfect fit for our partners. Through flexibility, competitive analysis, and investment on our end, we find the strategy that maximizes consistent success. Using more than a dozen methods of lead generation, we create and implement a custom formula tailored your needs.
  • Develop a compensation plan that mirrors our efforts. This plan is unique for each partner relationship, and ensures we maintain a high level of performance—thus creating maximum opportunities for your business.