About Us

Why Sweet Marketing? It’s about a philosophy; a mindset. We work to create partnerships that are long lasting and mutually beneficial. It’s not about us “selling” you; it’s about us working closely with you to achieve success. Sweet Marketing is both a Google and MSN/Bing certified partner

We believe that the bottom line is about a strong foundation and good raw materials. Through building properly aligned relationships with our partners, we learn exactly what is going to grow success. We work with you to understand your business and create an ethical and healthy marketing practice that meets your goals.

You don’t need to be tech savvy, but you do need to know that internet marketing is a field fraught with scams and empty promises. It is our goal to prove that we are a no-risk choice. We stand behind our process one hundred percent. We deliver measurable results. We use statistical and opportunity analysis, careful monitoring of the market, intimate knowledge of your business, and a highly technical approach. It’s not all computers and calculators, though; our discussions and conversations with our partners give us the winning perspective.

Our approach is truly different. Call it confidence if you’d like. We call it knowledge and experience with a mission.









Andy Sweet – Founder & President